Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Autumn Days

Autumn has come at last to the Fens; the days are still warm and bright for the time of the year, but the mornings are colder and the evenings are darker all of a sudden! The growth in the garden is over and all that we have left is the ripening of the last tomatoes on the vines - they will have to be harvested tomorrow. To bring the autumn feeling right into the house, we have enjoyed a delicious beef stew for supper tonight and the aroma as it cooked was wonderful!

I am still processing food for the freezers - another load of pasta sauce has gone in there tonight: I have re-used old plastic hummous tubs for individual portions, as well as the usual Vitalite tubs for more family-sized meal portions. I am reduced to squeezing these tubs in to the little gaps! We must eat from the freezers for a week to remove enough food to allow the FH to "harvest" the remaining Sasso hens: I cannot afford to keep them through the winter when they are not laying, and I think that they are as meaty as they are going to get, so as soon as there is room to freeze them, their days are up. I think that there are 8 or 9 of them left (must count them!!) so that is a good few suppers for us!

Today was Adam's birthday - he was my friend at primary school until I moved schools when I was nine. I sat next to him for a year when a "naughty" boy had to sit amongst the girls in the class as a punishment and to try to stop him mucking about with the other boys but that meant that a girl had to go and sit in the midst of the boys and that was me! Adam is just two days younger than me.....haven't seen him since I was nine, but I saw his mother a year ago and apparently he is married with two little girls (a lot littler than mine!) and works in website designs. Funny how I remember dates and people like that - some people's brains seem to hold on to useless info like that!

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Toria said...

LOL, I can still remember a boy I went to school with & whom I haven't seen for 14 years, only because his birthday was the day after mine.