Monday, 7 September 2009

Exhaustion in the kitchen

With all the provisions with which my uncle blessed us last night, today had to be a kitchen day! The FH stoned the plums and peeled the apples, so I cooked the apples up and had 5 tubs to put in the freezer, and there are another 7 jars of plum jam to go on the shelf - this time it is Monarch jam. The tomatoes made 2 tubs of GTM's pasta sauce - an onion went in this time, no courgettes and less garlic, so it is a slight variation. There are some cooked plums in the fridge to be made into a crumble tomorrow, and there are also some peeled pears which I will make a syrup for and then they can also be frozen. Then I made a chicken pie for supper with the leftovers from last night and it all made a mountain of washing up!!!!

Apart from all that, D has been round for a chat and I gave her some plums (well, I did have 14lbs!) and three loads of washing have been done. There's a little ironing needing doing and then I can collapse in a heap with "Goodbye, Jimmy Choos" by Annie Sanders, and a cup of tea.....bliss!

AND - I think that the Indian Summer has arrived! We are forecast a week of warm, dry and settled weather - hurray!!

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Bovey Belle said...

There's such a feeling of satisfaction when you have all that largess accounted for though. My garden has been a disappointment yet again this year on the veg front, but fruit has been good and plenty of wild goodies to pick.