Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blacks are hatching tonight

The cracks have developed and now I have come home from the school meeting to find two wee chicks, staggering around the incubator on very wobbly legs. They are black with a white/cream patch on their undersides, and they are so sweet! I am relieved that something has hatched from this batch as I was beginning to despair. There may be more out of the eggs overnight, as there are a further 10 eggs in there. Fingers crossed!

The school meeting went well - but we are desperately short of members. We are supposed to have 15 governors but we only have seven! It means that those of us who are there have to do quite a bit as all the jobs still have to be covered. Several incidental meetings have gone into the diary already.

Off now to scurry the girls up to bed. Waves to those up north and those overseas!

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