Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sad news to report

One of the Gold Partridge Orpington chicks which hatched on Thursday has died.

It was noticed on Friday when we did the bum inspection that it had a protuberance near its bottom which seemed to be some sort of hernia we thought. We inspect daily for pasted vents, and this one was OK in that department, but had this lump in the area. It was fine in itself and eating and drinking with the others. Unfortunately, it must have gone downhill overnight last night, as it was found lying on its back, rather damp, near the water saucer this morning.

We immediately removed it from the box with the others as they have no compassion and were walking all over it. Putting it back into the incubator to dry out and warm up seemed to be the best plan, and we gave it water from a syringe at half-hourly intervals to try to keep it hydrated. It wasn't enough to keep it alive though, and it passed away within the last hour. The YFG has just tenderly wrapped it up in some kitchen paper and buried it in the garden.

The other five are all hale and hearty at this point and we are praying for no further calamities.

The Lavenders are due to hatch sometime very soon although there are no signs of anything happening in that incubator just yet. Watch this space!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh thats a shame :o( we had that little single chick die back in the year,its sad because they are so wee arent they! I bet YFG gave it a good send off X X X