Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cheeky chaps here

The eggs began to show some cracks on Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning, there was a chick hatched already. I kept my fingers crossed that it would soon have some friends!

By 9pm last night, there were two chicks, and then by 11pm, there were two more! Overnight two further chicks hatched and so this morning, all six had made it out. We are thrilled - this is our very first 100% hatch - and so late in the season, it is even more special. Whatever went wrong last time, it didn't affect this hatch. What a blessing!

We left them in the incubator until 10am so that they could dry out and start to get fluffed up, but the last two out were still a little damp when we transferred them to their new home.

For the first few days, we are using this fetching green mat to stop their legs splaying - it is slightly bumpy and means that they can get a good grip - and it is a good job that it is washable!

They have had a drink and something to eat and have spent this evening flaked out with their little heads on the floor, fast asleep. Coco is mystified as he can hear them but not see them!


Greentwinsmummy said...

oh the dear little things! what breed are they again?
Its lovely seeing them freshly hatched :o)
GTM x x x

Morgan said...

These are Gold Partridge Orpingtons. They are very sweet!

What makes this 100% hatch even more special is that these eggs came to us through the post, so we are even more amazed at the rate!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh gosh thats good for posted ones then! :o)