Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm back!

I would have been here yesterday but Blogger didn't want to let me in and I got fed up trying!

Anyway, I am about to start the marathon of baking which I need to do to provide enough refreshments for the Macmillan Coffee Morning which I am holding in the church tomorow morning. I have hung out the washing, cleared the dining table and covered it in cooling racks in preparation, sorted the chickens and I am just going to nip off for a quick shower and then I will be getting started. I have sent the FH out for this morning, so that I have a clear space in which to bake! He will be back at lunchtime, and will be able to come and help me set the tables and chairs out at 3pm. Tea will be something quite quick and easy and then I think the evening will be spent icing cakes! I am looking forward to a lie in on Saturday as there is no gym this week...

I will be back tomorrow afternoon to let you know how much we raised. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please, that lots of people will come and the three stalls I have organised to come sell lots so that they can donate lots of commission to the Macmillan fund as well. Thanks!

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Bovey Belle said...

I'm just about to do a similar marathon baking session too, so I shall think of you, t'other side of the country! Hope your girls are better now after their sniffles.