Wednesday, 16 September 2009

There's a crack happening!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, it is not in the Lavender eggs but in one of the Black Orpington eggs which were due today or tomorrow - so this one is beginning bang on schedule.....will open the Lavenders tonight, I think, as three days overdue is long enough for a hen's egg to go, surely.

I had tonight's supper cooked by 10am this morning - cottage pie, cooked to perfection, now resides in the fridge, ready to be reheated in portions later. We have a bit of a dash as we have to pick up the YFG from school at 3pm, get to one town to pick up the EFG at 3.20pm and then head off to the other town for a dentist's appointment at 4.10pm. In the first town, I also need to pick up some medication from the doctor's for the kids, and then I have a little bit of shopping to do in the other town after we have had our check-ups. Then there is a school board meeting at 6.30pm so you can see why supper had to be quick! Tonight there are 21 items on the agenda so it may go on a little, I fear.


Greentwinsmummy said...

My one that died hatched on the third day over,or was it the fourth,heck cant remember,maybe leave them till tomorrow to be sure?
Hope the meeting isnt that long....21 items..gulp lol!!

Morgan said...

OK - will leave them until tomorrow!