Sunday, 27 September 2009

And another good day

Church this morning was fun, apart from one hymn which we had trouble warbling our way through because no one knew it, and it was a long one which made matters worse! My uncle came over for a BBQ - except I couldn't be bothered to fire up the actual BBQ so I cooked it all inside and we got the BBQ atmosphere from eating outside in the beautiful sunshine. We had pork steaks, chicken thighs and sausages, onion, sweetcorn, tomatoes, rice salad and garlic bread. A good while later, we had some apple and pear crumble and then we just had to sit for a while in the sunshine!

This afternoon, I had just sat down for a snooze when my dad appeared with my birthday card for tomorrow and some photos to show us. He and MB stayed for a while, and then they nipped off home and we watched some more TV. The troops had some cheese and tomato sandwiches and ginger cake at about 8pm and then I sent the girlies to bed so that I could watch Doc Martin in peace and they could get themselves ready for school. YFG has been asleep for a long time now - she should be exhausted from hours of rollerblading today. EFG is still pottering around.

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