Friday, 25 September 2009

Macmillan Success

The Coffee Morning today was a success - we raised £190 for Macmillan! About £110 came from the raffle, with the rest coming from the donations for the cakes and coffee and then a little from a small cake stall we had. Although we live in a small village, I was very pleased with the turnout of people - a lot of older people came along in little groups to chat over the coffee and have a morning out, and some younger mums popped in straight after dropping the children off at school. It was a very sociable and enjoyable morning - we'll do it again next September!

Flip side of that success is that all I really want to do now is to go to sleep. There is no gym tonight so at least I don't have to go there and be energetic. I'm taking advantage of the free couple of hours to get the school uniforms in the wash, and I'm going to throw some baking potatoes in the oven for tea and that will be that for the evening - I shall be putting my feet up and either reading a book or watching Strictly Come Dancing.


Toria said...

Congratulations, I'm glad you got such a great result from your hard work. And it sounds like it was a fun morning for those who attended.

Morgan said...

It WAS fun once I got there and realised that everything was in place, we hadn't forgotten anything and we had some customers coming through the door!

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