Saturday, 26 September 2009

Peaceful day

We have had a lovely day - after getting the washing hung out and doing a spot of babysitting for the neighbour next door, the girls and I got spruced up and went to Ely for the afternoon. I gave them £10 each to choose some birthday gifts for me!!

We mooched around the shops and the market at a very leisurely pace, and I picked up some bits and pieces I had been wanting; they spent their money in a flurry of "Don't look, just stand there!" and "I'll be back in a minute!" which was amusing and touching at the same time. I do know that there is a manicure set in amongst the gifts as the cashier had to check that I was the responsible adult and paying for the scissors in the set, but apart from that, I can't wait until Monday to find out what they bought!!

After the shops, we went down by the river and walked along in the sunshine, eating ice creams and looking at all the beautiful boats moored on the side of the river. There was the odd one ploughing along the water, but the scene looked so peaceful with the weeping willows and the footpath - it was so relaxing!

Then we went to Tesco where the YFG still had £3 left and was desperate to be parted from it! I was delighted to find Philippa Gregory's new book, The White Queen, on sale for less than £10, as I had picked it up in WHSmith but put it back as it was over £18 in there. I have bought that for myself and I am looking forward to reading that very soon. I find that it is always worth buying her books in hardback as I read them time and time again and get something new from each one every time I read it! I did buy the first ones I read in paperback, but they are looking rather tatty now. We picked up pizza for tea for the gang, and headed home, via Littleport.

At Littleport, the tyre fire I reported on 21st August is STILL burning! The pyre has died down but the temperature in the middle of the piles of tyres was reported to be about 700 degrees Centigrade at the height of the fire. Local firefighters are recorded as saying that they hope to have the site completely put out by the middle to end of October! Some fire......

This evening, we have watched Merlin, which frustrates me somewhat: Guinevere (or Gwynhyfr) was a Welsh princess, not a servant girl, and Arthur becomes King in the legend when his father, Uther Pendragon, dies - there is not all this malarky with him and his father together at Camelot. The FGs pointed out that the BBC altered Robin Hood as well - Marian should not have died, for a start, but then perhaps the BBC likes changing things to make "good" television. Strictly Come Dancing was good and I always like watching the professionals twirling about the floor - shame about a couple of the contenders, though - and the one I wanted out at the end stayed in, last week too! The YFG's favourite is Anton Du Beke, the FH likes Kristina who partnered John Sargeant last year, and I think Erin Boag is a great dancer! The EFG doesn't watch.

Church in the morning and a BBQ at lunchtime, so hoping the good weather holds on for at least one more day - two would be better!


Morgan said...

Have to edit this to say that the £20 for the presents came from the FH. It's all out of the same pot!!


Sarah said...

I think with any historical series you have to suspect disbelief and settle on the story they're trying to sell you. I was totally put off the first series of Merlin when everyone was using crossbows, which weren't brought in until after 100 years war or later! The trouble with Arthur is that he is an archetype and everyone wants to play with the characters. I've done it myself, making Gwenevere & Lancelot the baddies and telling the story from Arthur's mother's point of view. Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Morgan said...

Thank you. And welcome!

You're right about the tv - we do just watch it and enjoy it, anyway. I don't mutter too loudly too often about the bits which annoy me!!