Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another Saturday

This was our last "home" Saturday for a while as the YFG and I will be back at gymnastics next week, so I made the most of it. Four loads of washing were blown about in the wind and sun and have been ironed this evening; the chicken which was killed yesterday has been cooked and partially eaten; the older Light Sussex hens have been promoted to the laying pen; we found a "lost" broody bantam - she was in hiding with nine eggs - we have re-located her to a safe place, and will see what we can do about getting her some fertile eggs.

The YFG has spent the day playing with her friend, and the EFG has done some homework and been helpful. Tonight we have all sat and watched "Australia" on DVD - and it is a seriously good film. The girls enjoyed it - and I am pleased to say that there is only one single incidence of the F word in the whole film - Hugh Jackman says, "Crikey" quite a lot, though! He's rather nice to watch too! The Aboriginal background to the film is very interesting.

We are going out tomorrow to an auction of pure breed poultry near Mildenhall, not to buy but to observe! It should be interesting and I must remember to take my camera to take some photos of breeds which I may be interested in, in the future. I'll get it out now.

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