Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lavenders saga

We waited the extra day but the FH opened them tonight - of the twelve eggs (pure Lavenders and split-gene Lavenders) only one had been fertile and had developed into a chick but it seems to have started pipping at the wrong side of the egg and couldn't get out. There was a tiny tiny crack on the underside of the egg. So, whatever went wrong this time, went wrong before the eggs got here as nothing had developed at all in 11 of the eggs. Shame as they were the "expensive" ones, too.

The two Black chicks are spending a lot of time sleeping - so sweet - and they are slowly finding their feet. No sign of any further mates for them from their clutch of eggs....

Terribly tired tonight, so will leave it there. Must be some other news to tell you that is non-chick related, so perhaps I'll be able to think of something more interesting tomorrow!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh thats a shame about the eggs :o( are you going to leave it now on the hatching front,I swear my broody wyandotte is on the verge of going broody again....argg! shes acting very weird!

Morgan said...

Yes, no more incubating this season, although the broody in the garden is still sitting tight.