Wednesday, 30 September 2015


We have a small problem on the lovely Susan Skoda, and it seems to be electrical.  Actually, I suppose there are three problems: the boot won't open at all, the inside lights don't work and last night, I realised that the fan will only blow cold.  I think the problems are connected.....but not being particularly expert in all matters "car", I am not entirely sure.

Trouble is, my wonderful local garage man, who does wonders to keep Susan running, is an expert with the engine, but less confident with the old electricals.  I am going to see him today and get some advice, but I think he is going to send us out into the world of less-well-known-to-us garages to get some electrical expertise elsewhere.

When I mentioned the boot situation to him a few weeks ago, there was the slightly sharp inhalation of breath which indicates that it could be expensive.  But although Susan has well over 169,000 miles on the clock now and 10 years of experience on the roads, she is still going well in all other areas, and had a new cam belt in January, so I don't want to put her out to pasture just yet - she was a bargain when we bought her in 2012 and I love her!  Good job the savings pot is looking healthy - these are just the kinds of expenses for which it pays to have some money put aside.  And in my new job, I need my car.


Dc said...

Couldn't you go to a Skoda garage, explain the problems and if they are individual problems ask to have them fixed individually to cut costs?
Once you chap has had a good look first!

Morgan said...

@Dc - I would go to a Skoda garage, but having worked on the phones for one in Liverpool, I know that the dealerships charge more than the independents so I am not keen to get in there to one on that basis. A friend of ours used to be an AA man and is a good mechanic, so I am going to have a chat with him later on this week and get some advice! I had forgotten about him when I wrote the post, but have since been reminded, so at least I can trust his recommendations xx

Sue in Suffolk said...

Perhaps it's just a fuse then it will be cheap to sort, fingers crossed and all that

Frugally challenged said...

The AA man sounds like a great idea. I hate having to go anywhere other than my local independent. Dealerships give me a pain in the bank account.

Angela said...

Have you had a lot of driving rain? We had a problem with our electrics when the rain got inside the driver door and damaged the circuitry. As your AA friend. Your Skoda [and ours] are probably too old to be recalled in this latest VW/Audi/Skoda emissions scam