Friday, 25 September 2015

A special request

In conversation with my Superintendent minister today, I have discussed blogging, and been asked to consider developing a ministry to widows.  I know that there are widows who read this blog, who have particularly identified with me in my situation, and some of you have made yourselves known.

In order to develop this, it would be very kind if some of you would email me, at the address in the sidebar to the right, in order that I might be able to discern more about how such a ministry might work and what support widows of all ages might benefit from having.  I know how I feel but I am just one amongst many.

I'm never going to identify you on here, never going to expect you to do anything with which you don't feel comfortable, but it would help me to help others, if I could ask you some questions privately.  Whether you feel able to respond will be up to you, if you contact me.

Your faith background is not relevant to this, as I want to know more about the general level of support you have had since your partner died, and whether you think that it has been enough, and what more you would have sought or appreciated, and perhaps what barriers you felt there were to you accessing such support.

With love and thanks.


Susan said...

Your e-mail address bounced back to me.

Morgan said...

@Susan - my apologies, as I don't know why that has happened. Another email has safely arrived from someone else this morning, so the box is not overfull. However, there is another option: could you respond with another comment, which I shall NOT publish, and allow me to have your email address, and then I can contact you? Thank you x

Sandra Ann said...

Such a loving way to reach out and support others. May God bless you in this venture.

San x

Morgan said...

@Susan - thank you, I have emailed you. Hope to chat soon x

Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi Morgan,

Hard to know how exactly to word it but Sandra Ann does it perfectly. X