Thursday, 24 September 2015

More tatties?

Looking around the internet, I came across this helpful website, powered by Sainsbury's, which allows one to tell it which ingredients are in the cupboard, or in too plentiful supply, and then it can supply a limited number of recipes to use up said ingredient.  I like it!  It has quite a few potato based recipes!

Tonight's delicacy was Rainbow Vegetable and Egg Bake and it was very well received.  It didn't look much like this, though...

Rainbow vegetable and egg bak image
(image from

Well, I used white onions instead of red ones, left out the sweetcorn and the courgette, didn't have any rosemary either.......I suppose you could say it was inspired by this recipe, even if I didn't follow it to the letter!  We didn't have much Cheddar left, but we did have some mozzarella, so I chopped that up and popped it in as well as three eggs.  It is getting to the end of the week, so it didn't get served with salad, but green veg and plenty of them.

I don't think anyone has gone to bed hungry, and the whole lot was from in-stock ingredients.  And we have used up all the forked potatoes, so that is an added bonus.

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Sue said...

I think 'recipes that inspire' rather than dictate are the best ones. And even if yours didn't look picture perfect I bet it tasted divine :-)