Sunday, 13 September 2015

Saturday snoozing

I slept in yesterday until 8.30 am and I was sorely in need of the extra sleep!  I am determined to get into a better routine for getting to bed earlier so that I can get the sleep I need - dragging myself through the day feeling tired is not the way to thrive.....

Saturdays have been a welcome relief these past two weeks - nowhere that I needed to be for work purposes and no phone calls expected either.  Yesterday the YFG and I worked on a meal plan for the week, and then checked with the EF girls to see if they needed any shopping whilst I was out. They both headed out in different directions on the trains just after lunch, and the YFG went to the local town to go to Lidl and the library - a book I had ordered had come in and I was keen to get it picked up.  

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I've been reading the "Game of Thrones" books, as they are popularly known: the EFG has the first two, but I have had to source all the others from the library.  I know that they have been made into a television series but I am not even considering watching that until I have read all the books!  I am enjoying them so far - although it is a challenge to remember who is who!

I did manage to cut the front lawn in the sunshine when we got back, but the mower is making weird noises so I didn't strain it too much!  UJ has not brought the "new-to-me" mower over here yet and I think it is still at the works getting serviced, so I am still plugging away with the Flymo......for how long, I don't know!  The lawns are getting overlong in some places and I don't think that the Flymo will manage those bits now........a combination of having a lot of rain lately and meetings has meant that when I had time to cut it, it was too wet, and then when it was dry enough, I wasn't here - and that combination has been a bit of a disaster!  I may get a little more cut today if the weather holds out.

I've tried to get the EF girls trained to do some of their own chores, so Thursday night I explained that I would need their bedding laundry first thing in the morning and with one gentle reminder, it all appeared in a basket on the landing.  They do need to remember to make their beds before they try to get in them though, as they were both struggling with duvet covers past 10 pm when they went up to go to bed on Friday night - whether they had forgotten or just left it until they went to bed, I don't know!  We had a "you've been here two weeks, what do you think?" review at dinner last night, and both seem happy with life here at the moment. 

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Saved the best news for the last!  The YFG has been offered a Saturday job at John Lewis!  She had been offered one which was Friday nights and all day Sunday but we couldn't manage that because of transportation issues on Sundays out here in the middle of nowhere, so she declined that.  They seem quite keen on her though, as after two phone calls from them and us explaining the situation, they have altered the job offer - and she is over the moon!  We believe that it is just a temporary one, from the end of September to the end of January, but it will be an excellent start in the world of work.  She and I have agreed that at least half the wages will be going into savings - good to get her into the routine of savings from the start, I think, or the money would soon be spent!


Frugally challenged said...

Fantastic news! Well done YFG. John Lewis sounds like a good place to work

Interesting to hear about the EF girls. I wonder if a lot of teenagers are not encouraged to do their own chores. I've heard of several mums teaching their offspring to change the duvet cover just before they go off to uni.

Bridget said...

Well done to YFG. It'll be lovely to work in such nice surroundings.