Thursday, 1 October 2015

October's here

I think Autumn has launched itself upon us - the sun is shining and the days are bright and clear, which is perfect autumn weather for me!  If summer is going to be like the one we've had this year, give me autumn every time....I hope it lasts a wee bit longer.

We've been experimenting with vegetarian recipes this week. I bought a butternut squash on Monday and have made a curry and a stew with it. It cost me £1.90 as it was a fair size and it has been a significant part of 8 meals - so I was quite pleased with that.

It started on Tuesday with a butternut squash/onion/potato curry [I cheated and used a jar of sauce from Aldi] which the EF girls loved. It had other veg in it, like carrots and spinach, and they ate their fill and then I put two more portions in the freezer.  Tonight, it has become a butternut and chickpea stew.  I always ask for feedback as I don't want to make them eat something again if they don't like it, so one said she liked it and one said she loved it - good to go again, then, I think.  Again, they ate a big portion each and there are two more in the freezer.

I am really enjoying this "bung more in the freezer" strategy because it means that I get another night off in the future and will not have to cook from scratch - a really wise investment in time, I think! In between the two squash meals, they had a cheesy pasta and broccoli bake on Wednesday, which the YFG also enjoyed. She had the leftovers from that tonight as she is not keen on what she feels are "too vegetarian" meals, bless her!  It is certainly keeping costs down, so I am pleased with it.

Tomorrow night is a "with chips" meal - the vegetarian will have a veggie burger and the others will have battered haddock.

The best news - only 2 hours to do on the phone tomorrow and then I am done!  I think a small bottle of wine may get opened tomorrow evening.....


SusanM said...

Aldi curry sauces are lovely and good value. I'm with you on cooking once, eating 3 or 4 times ie freezing extra meals, and a with chips meals once a week is also an easy meal. Your girls sound terrific and appreciate your cooking.

Definitely celebrate with wine!!!

How are things with EFG? It's an awful worry when you are no longer with them to sort things out for them.

Have a relaxed weekend x

Cheapchick said...

Congratulations on surviving the end of your job! At least now you have your whole heart in your new job. I often make 2 day meals, we either eat the leftovers 2nd night or freeze them for an easy future meal. I agree, it sure is nice to have a night off.