Friday, 25 September 2015

Recipe round up

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Some great posts you might want to check out:

An appetising recipe for what look like cinnamon swirls but are actually Maple Frosted Spicy Scrolls from a "cheapskate" blogger down under. I'm going to be going through her blog looking for other fab recipes to share!

Mimi is another Aussie blogger who I have added to the blog roll, and I came across a link to a really good chocolate cake which she describes lots of modifications for, in order to turn it into a variety of different cakes - all from the same basic mix.  This is going on my "To Try" list very soon.

The Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog always has something worth trying on it, and this recipe for Ginger Biscuits looks superb - if mine turn out as good as these look, I shall be very impressed!  Just have to get some molasses.......not sure if golden syrup would work?

And these gluten-free cookies look amazing - I am slightly concerned by the length of the ingredient list, but they look like they might well be worth the effort!  Gluten-free food is very expensive bought off the shelf, and these may be a good alternative to some of the things I like the look of but have to turn up my nose at the prices!

This crock pot website may be just the thing we need for scrummy winter-warmers as the colder weather approaches. I am going to have a good look around here for some fresh inspiration.  And there are more on this site, which I just came across: this person has obviously published books but there is a big section of free recipes, including crock pot ones.


Dc said...

I recently made some ginger biscuits using golden syrup and they came out fine.

Mindo said...

Golden syrup produces a different flavour but equally good ginger biscuits. My "go to" recipe is from Delia Smith's recipe book, and it never fails to please.