Monday, 21 September 2015

Photo catchup

We eventually managed to connect the phone to the laptop, and here we have some pictures!

The old walking boots finally went to landfill - they weren't fit to donate or recycle in any way.  There was a little twinge of sadness when I threw them over the side!

Potato harvesting yesterday.

I weighed them all, and we have grown 83lbs of potatoes this year - UJ planted them, I watered them regularly and the chicken poo fertilised the soil and seems to have done wonders!  They are much better potatoes than we grew last year - and there are some really large specimens in amongst them.

A pasta concoction invented by the EFG and recreated from her instructions. I am not sure where she got the inspiration from, but those who ate it cleared their plates.  It is large pasta shells, filled with a lentil, tomato and onion mixture, put in a shallow dish on a base of cheese sauce and then a little more cheese sauce over it with a sprinkling of grated cheddar on the top.  It went in the oven for about 15 minutes and was served with some salad.


Cheapchick said...

Wow, 83 lbs of potatoes is brilliant! I had an excellent tomato harvest this year - bumper crop. Dinner looks tasty!

Sandra Ann said...

Love the pictures especially the pasta dish I'll have to give that a go! We cannot get gluten free large pasta shells so I'll either use penne pasta or I'll make pancakes and fill them with the lentil mix and top with the cheese sauce, a bit like cannelloni.


Bless said...

That's a wonderful potato harvest you have there! Your elder daughter's pasta dish looks delicious. Sounds like she's a creative cook. I just caught up reading your posts from last week. Have been a bit behind with my blog reading, since my cancer diagnosis, earlier this month. I think you did the right thing with giving up the phone job. I'm sure you'll be able to manage just fine without it. I must admit this is the first time I've heard of "spider steak"! I've seen some interesting cuts of meat in the ethnic stores that I go to, here, but don't think I've seen spider steak.

Morgan said...

I am also very pleased with the potato harvest - thanks!
@San - since the EFG turned vegetarian, she has really embraced cooking and been quite inventive with her meals, and it is lovely to have her help advise me on what to feed my resident Austrian vegetarian, who eats everything she is given without complaint!
@Bless - lovely to hear from you. I hadn't heard of spider steak either and I am still not sure I entirely fancy eating it, if I am honest! Thinking of you during your treatment and hoping it all goes well. Let us know how you get on?

veeknits19 said...

Love the pics.
Most charity shops are able to sell on old boots, shoes, handbags & belts for "rags," I'm not sure what happens to the old items when sold, but the charity shop will receive money for each bag of old items by weight, usually 10kg per bag. So - never too old and shabby to donate, just tell the volunteers in the shop that they aren't fit for resale. The same applies to old clothes which can also be sold on for rags. It all helps the charities. Just thought you might want to know for future reference. Vee x

SusanM said...

I wear my walking boots until they are in holes too! But it's like throwing out a pair of old friends when they have to go because we've shared some lovely times together. A new pair of boots takes ages to break in properly, they never feel quite right, not like the old ones did.

Bless, thinking of you and hoping all goes well with your treatment xx