Thursday, 10 September 2015

Coming up for air

It's been one heck of a week.....thank goodness it will be Friday in a few hours!  

One of my girls has just capped off the day by having a wobble which necessitated a kind listening ear and a hug, and all is better for now - I hope!  I am very glad that at least she came and talked to me and didn't hide away and sob.

Jobs are going well - but there are not enough hours in the day, I am finding, even if I get up at 6 am! To that end, I have realised that I have six days of holiday from the phone job to take and have pretty much organised with the boss to take almost every other Monday off between now and the Christmas holiday - that means that those weeks will only require 8 hours on the phone and leaves me with a little more breathing space in the schedule.  I shall decide between now and Christmas whether I shall go back to the phone job after Christmas, and if not, I shall give notice in time.  

I am loving the social aspect of the new job - Tots groups, Knitting groups and drop in sessions all have plenty of tea on offer - and the serious side of the work is actually a joy alongside the new team with whom I am working - but I am the only one who can even remotely claim to be a Fenlander as the others are all northerners, and proud!

Hopefully I will be back at the weekend - I have a lovely recipe for recycled shortbread that I used today and I even managed to take a couple of photos.  See you soon xxx


Sooze said...

Recycled shortbread? Intriguing. I can't wait to see it.

Frugally challenged said...

I'm so glad that the new job is going well. I started my own ministerial career as a lay worker and had great fun. I ran a mother and toddler group called Muddlers. It seemed to suit.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your new job and all the other things are going well.
What on earth is recycled shortbread??

Morgan said...

I'll get the post up at the weekend but basically, I was given some almost out-of-date shortbread, and I bashed it up and made a kind of fridge cake out of it! I called it recycled because the lady who gave it to me from the church thought that I would bash it up and feed the birds with it, but actually, I made the fridge cake thingy with it and took that back to the church group yesterday!