Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Chance encounter?

Sometimes you meet someone and you just feel a real connection, don't you?  I went to one of "my" churches today to meet the Bowls Club and see what they get up to [apart from rolling small balls up and down a green carpet] and they were a lovely bunch of people.  I got chatting to a retired Baptist minister's wife, from Poole in Dorset [small world, hey, Ang?!] and she was just a kindred spirit kind of person.

She explained how she and her husband had met, how they trusted God in everything and how he brought them to this area.....it was a lovely afternoon that I spent chatting with her and listening to her story - and that is a lot of what this job is about: listening to people's stories and walking alongside them as their story develops now.

I had to go to Lidl as well this afternoon as the EF girls needed more rye bread and that is the best place to get it for them around here. It is very dense and heavy, just the way they like it!  The YFG has definitely turned her nose up at that as she prefers fluffy white stuff, which she doesn't actually get very often as I think that Best of Both is better for her, although I do buy the odd wholemeal loaf when I think she is in the mood to eat it.  If that sounds like I am pandering to her, well, I suppose I am - but much better to give her stuff which is half healthy and have her eat it than to find that she throws the lunch time sandwich away and lives on fresh air, as I found that she did once or twice when she was younger.  She's on a bit of a health kick at the moment, so I did manage to get her to have proper wholemeal stuff this week!

Long hours are beginning to get to me, now - and here I am still up now!  Last night there was a Preachers' meeting which went on until nearly 10 pm and so I didn't get home till gone half past, and tonight there has been a governors' meeting till half past 8.  Meetings - had enough of them this week...

Have a rummage through my blog roll on the right as I have added some more lovely Australian/NZ ladies, and I have given John a regular spot from Going Gently - I have been reading his hilarious blog for ages but hadn't got it in the blog roll!  About time - if you haven't "met" John, do go over and say Hello!


SusanM said...

Yes, I too love John's blog. He is a very caring, gentle person with a fabulous sense of humour!

I make our loaves in the bread maker and I make a 50/50 loaf which keeps everyone happy and hopefully healthy x

Ali said...

Over my years, nearly 50 of them, I have met a few lovely kindred spirits who have really touched and influenced me with their gentle, caring and positive ways. Some I meet in my everyday life, and I have come across lovely people by engaging with blogs such as yours and Jacqui at the Barefoot Crofter. My husband who would have been 60 today is another such person who had a gentle, supportive presence in my life for 24 years full of love. Another kindred spirit friend gave me her copy of a book called Anam Cara, a book based on Celtic philosophy and spirituality. The author John O'Donohue sadly died and but I would have liked to have met him. I love connecting with lovely folk.

Bridget said...

Ha-ha, exactly where I'm from!
I do think everything works for a reason and if the need to give up your job has arisen that's because it's meant to be.