Friday, 31 July 2015

Gardening in the Fens

 Just because I wanted a photographic record of how my garden is growing at this point in the summer, I mooched around the garden late this afternoon and took some pictures on my phone.  It then took about three times as long to transfer them to my laptop......enough said about that!

Just to "keep it real" here and show you that not everything is great, the courgettes have got the lurgy. They are perhaps the worst courgettes I have ever had the misfortune to grow, and the leaves are covered in this horrible black stuff, which UJ reliably informs me is the poo of some insect. Lovely. The courgettes themselves are edible, but strangely bumpy.

The Ferrari French/dwarf beans are doing well and I had a good harvest off them today. A little sit in the sun armed with a pair of scissors and they were topped and tailed and ready for storage in the fridge [for this week] and the freezer [for the winter].  

We do have wildlife in the garden - some of it pretty!

Tomatoes ripening up nicely. Probably Gardener's Delight but UJ gave me the plants and he couldn't quite remember. They taste good!

Peppers in the greenhouse. A dozen plants from Aldi, growing well. Three large peppers are already in the fridge and there are more coming along beautifully.

Raspberries continue to ripen.  We lost a lot in the damp weather as they just rotted off before we could pick them but these look like they will make it from plot to plate nicely!

A few self-seeded runner beans are winding their way around the old swing frame again. The ones I actually planted around a wigwam are not doing quite as well - typical.......

These are six really special tomato plants. They were self-seeded from some tomato plants I had in one of the veg beds last year. UJ potted up these plants and put them in the greenhouse until they got big enough to put out and now they are flourishing.  They were Sweet Million, I think.

And my gorgeous sweet peas.  I have to go out there to inhale their lovely scent several times a day.  Love it!

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