Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Invalid update

Whilst we were away at the weekend, MB was called into hospital for an operation on her arm to have plates and pins inserted.  This was rather unexpected and not in line with what she had been told at the clinic on the Thursday, but evidently someone else had a look at her x-rays and made the decision.

She was whisked into the private suite at the hospital, where there was a spare bed, and had the op done on Sunday. Dad fetched her home this afternoon.  She's feeling a bit groggy and the pain is still rough but she is managing.  I had a quick word with her on the phone tonight and she seems relieved to be back home, which is always where we want to be!  I also think she wants to keep an eye on Dad as she was worried about the strain all this had put on him.  

She's got to go back to the clinic in a couple of weeks to have it checked over again but they are not anticipating any problems.  Thank goodness!  She still has the big boot on her foot to support the broken bone there as well, so she is a bit of a walking wounded type at the moment, but she is quite positive about it all, bless her xx


Angela said...

Hope she makes good progress, and that your Dad is coping ok x

Sandra Ann said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery

San x