Sunday, 26 July 2015

Money to burn

I don't like seeing my money go up in smoke, so the news that home heating oil had hit a five year low, according to Boilerjuice, was fantastic news.  I can remember paying over 60p a litre for the precious stuff, in the past!  

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This week, the price dropped to around 32p a litre, so it was time to stock up!  I have been watching the prices tumble for sorme weeks and day after day, the price had dropped. Then, it seemed to start to waver, with some days' prices being higher than the day before, so I decided to bite the bullet and order 1000 litres.  I also told an older lady at church about it last night - she doesn't use the internet and when she runs her oil down, she just rings up and gets more delivered, so I thought it was worth mentioning it to her. She didn't think she had room in the tank for her usual 800 litres, so I did encourage her to think about getting 500 litres whilst the prices are low.  She was glad I had told her, so I was pleased I had thought to mention it to her.  I know that she doesn't haggle with the oil company the way I do because she hasn't got the ammunition from the internet, so she just pays whatever they quote - whereas I saved £30 on the original price that the local company quoted by being able to say what I could get it for from elsewhere.

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We have lots and lots of wood stacked up in the woodshed and the workshop - the "proper" logs are in the woodshed and the rougher stuff which is chopped up bits and pieces and pallets, is in the workshop. The rough stuff gets the fire going and then the proper logs hold the fire in, especially if we are nipping out for an hour or two, or I want to keep the fire in longer overnight, perhaps to get some washing dry.  The good stuff cost me £80 for a load earlier in the year, and there is still half a load of last year's there, so we will be using that first.  We don't stack it around the wood burner like this picture, though!  Next thing will be to organise the chimney sweep for the annual brush-out of the flue.  That was £30 last year, so I am hoping that that cost hasn't gone up too much either.  Got to be done, though.

The realisation that it will be August next week makes me wonder where time is going but I do like Autumn, so I am sort of looking forward to September in a way!  However, I am trying to make the most of Summer whilst it is here, and I am looking forward to all the flowers opening on my sweet peas this week and putting on a good display!  

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday xx


Frugally challenged said...

There's something very satisfying about winter preparations, isn't there. Whether it's getting the oil and logs (neither of which I have to do now but they used to be very important for me) or stocking the store cupboard with preserved food, there's something to bring a smile to my face.

Meanqueen said...

Hi. Good move to get your fuel now. I get stocked up on my winter cat litter when no one is using it and the price is low.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I would like a bit more summer please before thinking about autumn!
I'm sure stacking wood all round the woodburner like that picture is a bit risky, like you say not something we would do

Lyssa Medana said...

This is also the best time of year to get rock salt, if you need it. Approved Food had a snuggle blanket for £4.99 as well. In the middle ages a thrifty housewife was encouraged to stock up on salt fish in Autumn, before the price went up in Lent. There is a rhythm to money saving. WS xxx

Morgan said...

I am Hoping for a bit more summer too, but the way that the rain is persisting down here today, I am not betting on it!

SusanM said...

Still waiting for summer up here in the north. Camping trip cancelled due to rain, wind and cold weather. It's 12 degrees today!!! Had a lovely trip to Aberdeen Uni this week and thought of you. What a lovely campus x