Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Scurrying around today

It's been another one of those busy days today. 

It didn't start off on the best foot when the EFG nipped off to catch the train to her foodbank volunteering to find that the barriers at the train station were stuck in the down position and she was unable to cross the track on the road to get to the other platform - cue a snappy call to Mum to come to drive her three miles round the village and over another crossing to get to the other side of the station!  The train was in the station when we got there, but she was able to board and make her journey successfully.

Four of the five lawns got mowed today, long overdue and hard work!  The fifth we just ran out of time and energy to tackle, and the compost wheelie bin was full anyway, so we abandoned all that at about 7.45pm and the YFG and I wandered up the road to water our friend's pots and garden whilst they are away.  We took along another bucket so that I could help, and an old plastic milk crate to stand the watering cans on whilst they fill at the tap as the tap spews the water out at an odd angle and one can't just leave the can on the floor as it doesn't catch the water!  It is arm aching work to hold the cans whilst they fill so we took the crate along to raise them up to tap level whilst they fill. Our friends kindly left a hosepipe reel out for us for when the water butts were emptied, but sadly, nothing to attach the hose to the tap with, so we shall have to persevere with the cans........more exercise for us, which is fine in this lovely weather.

Dad took MB to the hospital for a scan this morning and that all went well - they were home again by 9.30 am and very pleased at how smoothly it all went. She has another appointment in a couple of weeks.

Off to bed - early start for the Leavers' Assembly at school in the morning, so I had best be off!

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