Thursday, 9 July 2015

A few thoughts and prayers for someone else?

My summer holiday weekend away starts tomorrow, and we have a caravan booked at Kelling Heath on the Norfolk coast, not far from Sheringham and Cromer.  My dad also managed to get a caravan on the same site, but he went on Monday and the caravan was booked for them until next Monday so that they would be there nearby and we could spend some time together at the weekend.  It's one of our favourite places!

I had a phone call from Dad last night to say that they were home and in a bit of a bad way. He took MB out to lunch yesterday and she took a tumble on some steps in the hotel that they had gone to for lunch, and she was injured.  Paramedics took her to Cromer hospital, and then released her to come home, as long as she was taken in to the local hospital where they live.  Dad drove her home and they arrived back at about 8pm last night. One of her daughters has gone over to help Dad to look after her, and to take her to the hospital this morning, as the hospital here did not want them to take her last night. She is very shaken up, and has hurt her ankle, her head and her elbow as she fell.

Dad is 86 and she is a decade younger.  He is shaken by it all and exhausted by a two hour drive last night to get her home. They had been intending to share the driving but of course she was not able to help him.

They abandoned the caravan and their belongings, just calling in there to pick up Dad's medications, so we need to sort out picking up their things when we are there at the weekend, but that is a minor point.  I am so hoping that MB will be OK, and that the hospital can patch her up and sort out her problems today.  I have promised to ring Dad tonight after I get back from the interview, to see how she is and what has happened.

Blogger isn't playing ball this morning or I would have shared some pictures from the camp site that I have taken in the past.  There are some in the link above so you can see how peaceful it is there!  We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend but we will be thinking about Dad and MB too.


Ali said...

Sorry to hear that and hope she has speedy recovery and your Dad gets some rest. Good luck today and lovely to have a holiday booked for the weekend.

Angela said...

Oh goodness! what an awful combination of events for you all. Praying for the interview, for Dad & MB, for all the practicalities of the situation... Just asking God to sustain and bless you all. Romans 8:38&39 xxxx

veeknits19 said...

So sorry to hear about the misfortunes of your dad & MB, hope she is OK & getting the treatment needed and that they both recover from the shock. What a trauma. I do hope you can enjoy your break & take comfort from the fact that they are now safely home and getting help and support. Enjoy your time away, take care, Vee x

Lyssa Medana said...

What a shock! Hope your Dad and MB are better soon and that there are no serious after effects. Hugs WS xxx