Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hours in the day

I'm struggling to find enough of them!  From last weekend's pure relaxation and rest, this coming weekend is set to be mayhem and madness.......a table-top sale in the afternoon, my LP recognition service in the evening on Saturday, a Christening on Sunday morning and a leaving service for one of the circuit ministers in the afternoon.

There might just be time in the midst of it all for a meal or two, but not a lot else.  Ahead of the weekend, I have to source more communion glasses as we are expecting more people to the recognition service than our church has glasses to accommodate - but then we do only have about 20 these days - and might need to make a trip to borrow some from another chapel.  And then there is the baking for the table top sale's refreshments, and digging out some "stuff" to sell to support the cause.......

I am SO glad that we had last weekend.  It was a peaceful, quiet, relaxing, mooching-about with no fixed plans kind of time, and involved lots of sitting around, sleeping, wandering around familiar places, and no deadlines, urgency or hassle.  We took some great photos of squirrels which came to visit the caravan too, but they are on the EFG's pc and she's gone off to Latitude festival as a volunteer now, so I shall have to wait until next week to show you those.  We thought one or two might be suitable to submit to the Countryfile calendar competition - we are rather impressed with the EFG's new camera!

We were so impressed with the caravan and just being at Kelling Heath last weekend again that the YFG would like to go back with her friend, and I have said that I will do what I can to fulfill that wish one day - perhaps not this year though.  A little savings pot will have to be set up to keep some "holiday fund" money building up in, as for now, I have other expenses staring me in the face!

We need to have a refill of the oil tank [approx £350], I am waiting for the plumber to come back to me with an installation date for the over-bath shower [about £350-£400] and I need to pay for the YFG's school bus pass [£480] this month too.  Seems funny that although the kids are supposed to stay in full time education, we still have to pay for post-16 transport, even to their nearest post-16 education you can see that we are having to keep a tight rein on the pennies at the moment with all that to sort out.  I haven't heard from the plumber for some time, so I shan't complain if that moves over into August!


Sandra Ann said...

I too sometimes feel that there are not enough hours in the day and I very rarely get to the bottom of a to do list!!

It is pretty poor that you are unable to secure some funding towards the cost of YFG's transport for college. It is the sign of the times I guess.

Hope you manage to source the communion glasses and accomplish all the other things on your list, not least of all eating ;-)


Gill - That British Woman said...

some months the money just pours out of the coffers like a river!

Morgan said...

Indeed it does, Gill, and this is one of those months, unfortunately!

San - lovely to have you here and thanks for your kind words xx

Lyssa Medana said...

You sound v busy - don't forget to look after yourself! WS xxx

SusanM said...

That's terrible having to pay for her bus pass. Our children don't have to stay on at school after 16, but if they do, their bus fares are paid for in full. I'm not sure what happens if they choose to go to college instead though.

Scarlet said...

I had to pay bus fares for both of my girls, from the age of 11-18 because I wanted them to attend a decent school and an even better college, neither of which were in reasonable walking distance. There was a school and a college nearer but the school was on a downward spiral ( it has since been demolished and replaced by an academy) and the college was geared more towards vocational courses ( it produced excellent results for those but my girls both wanted to go to university - the elder is now an English teacher, and the younger about to enter her final year). When the younger one went to college she did get a small amount given to her by the college towards her bus pass in her first year there due to us being on a low income.In the second year funding had been cut and the money was only available to those who were in receipt of particular benefits, so I had to pay the full amount.It was a struggle at times, and I hate to think how much I have spent on school/ college transport over the years!

Bladesgirl said...

Hi Morgan, just wanted to say hello - I have been following your lovely blog for some time now, well ever since I was ill in bed for a few days and spent a lot of time reading blogs.
I used to live in East Anglia so the title appealed for a start.
I'm mum to two boys - well, young men now I guess, slightly older than your girls, but all the teenage stuff/ studying /working /socialising is very familiar.
Congratulations on your new job - I somehow haven't quite picked up on exactly what it is but maybe you didn't say? Every blessing with that.
With best wishes to the family

veeknits19 said...

Belatedly ....Congratulations on the job, it's just tailor made for you and well done on all the work you've put in to get there. I know you will really enjoy it, well done also for sticking at the phone job as a means to an end. What a brilliant role model and inspiration for your girls, and for us. Well done!
I can empathise with the busy-ness, and hope all goes to plan. I've been away, no internet connection hence being late with my congrats. The short break was very restful (too restful maybe as now there's a few pounds to shed! Oops!)Now it's catch up time, busy, busy. Lovely to catch up with your blog, hope the invalid goes on alright, what a carry on from the hospitals. Good luck with money side, I'm sure you will meet all the bills and get the holiday fund underway. Good wishes as ever, Vee x

Sarah said...

It's crazy that we have to pay so much for a school bus pass isn't it. I have been paying for my son's since he started secondary school as I chose to send him to the school which offered the education and experiences that suit him instead of the closest available school. I have two years of sixth form travel to pay for him now.

By the time he finishes I will probably have to start paying for Stephanie as she starts secondary as Dylan leaves. So many years of bus passes to fund!