Friday, 24 July 2015

Our weekend away

 This write up has been a long time coming, as I have had to wait for the EFG to download and send me the pictures from her camera, and then we had to negotiate who was going to use which photos on which media sites, which then left me with a few to choose from!  The EFG shares some on FB with her friends, whereas the YFG puts hers on Instagram.  You get to see my choices here!

We spent a lot of the mornings watching these little chaps charging around the area, nicking the toast that the neighbours had put down for the birds, and being generally very inquisitive! 

The caravan park is beautiful, and the YFG and I went for a walk on the Saturday afternoon, when we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of a muntjack deer in the undergrowth. Sadly, by the time that the YFG had got the camera out and worked out how to get the lens cap off, it had jumped off into deeper cover!  The squirrels just seemed to love to pose in contrast to the more timid deer.

We went to Sheringham on Saturday, and enjoyed mooching around the shops and what was left of the market by the time we got there. I bought a couple of cheap secondhand novels to read, and the girls bought odds and ends.  We headed along the coast road to Cromer later on, and nipped into Morrisons for provisions as the shop on the site is rather expensive.  

Sunday morning we didn't move very quickly at all and it was lunch time before we got going!  We went back to Cromer and walked around, and got caught in a rainstorm on the pier.  I had a lovely chat with a lady with two small children as we hid from the rain under some cosy shelters on the pier. She was telling her children that they probably wouldn't go to the beach baptisms that night if the rain carried on, so I thought I would ask a couple of questions about that - full immersion baptism in the sea sounded exciting!  It turned out that she and the family had just moved to Cromer in April, and only from Peterborough - they loved Cromer so much and were spending so much time there that they thought they would move there!  What a great sense of adventure.  The children were excited to be living right by the beach and having their first holiday-at-home by the sea!  I have to say that I was a tiny bit jealous....

After the rain eased off a little, we went back into the town towards Mary Jane's fish and chip shop - the best in Cromer.  The YFG had the traditional fish and chips but the newly vegetarian EFG had to settle for onion rings and chips.....

An evening back at the caravan and we all settled down to relax.  The EFG and I both did some knitting whilst we were away, and I read some books - it was very relaxing, and I loved it!  I can completely understand the lure of the holiday home industry there as I would snap up a country retreat by the sea if I could afford to buy it, and had the time to nip away a couple of weekends every month.  Not at the moment though!  Now that we know that the site caravans are so well maintained and reasonably priced out of season, as well as having secured information about the one that my Dad and MB had stayed in, we shall definitely be going back.  Highly recommended x


Bridget said...

I'm very lucky to live by the sea, my daughter is always on the beach with her friends. Funnily enough we always seem to go camping in the countryside. Funny how if you have one thing you seem to want the other!

Morgan said...

Yes, Bridget, I think we want change! I was lucky enough to live 10 miles from the sea for nearly 10 years, but we hardly ever went to the beach as there just wasn't time! Now, the lure of the coast for me is that we are disconnected from daily life there and we get to just BE rather than have to DO all the time. Life at home is a bit full-on sometimes, and going to the coast there means that we have no responsibilities! Actually, you could plant me in a field five miles up the road and I would probably be just as chuffed, as long as no one knew I was there to come and disturb me......I suppose it means that I need to work a bit harder on getting the balance right at home and then I wouldn't feel the need to get away.