Friday, 17 July 2015

Catching up and welcome

Karen - lovely to have you here and thanks for commenting. I first mentioned the church job back in February and I haven't actually explained much more about it since then, although folk have been very supportive and encouraging.

The circuit are employing two lay workers to help with outreach and I have been blessed with one of the positions.  I am sure that I shall be telling you much more about it once I actually start it in September!  
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In the meantime, I have today negotiated a reduction in my phone hours from 15 to 10 from the middle of August after I have a week off, which has been booked since January. It will allow me some breathing space to get some work done around the house and get straightened out for when the students arrive at the end of August.  Ten hours can be quite easily done over about three days if necessary so it will allow me a little bit more flexibility than fifteen does at present.

The YFG and I have been to the cinema this afternoon to see True Story - which is a bit strange but very absorbing, and more than a bit mysterious.  We sat in a cinema which would have held probably 150 or so people - and there were 6 of us in there!  Plenty of room to spread out, for sure.....That was the YFG's treat whilst the EFG is away.  We have heard from her a couple of times, but she has limited access to electricity at Latitude, so she is conserving her phone battery and just texting occasionally.  We've heard from her today and all is well.

I know that it is getting late, but now that the temperature has cooled down, I am off to do some baking for the table top sale that we are having at the chapel tomorrow afternoon, and for the refreshments after the service in the evening.  Lemon cake, chocolate slab cake and some cheese scones, I think.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

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Sue in Suffolk said...

While your eldest is just up the road from us at Latitude ( well 8 miles) we have been up your way today to Bourne across the beautiful fens to buy a caravan! more news on that later. I look forward to hearing about your new job