Friday, 10 July 2015

The News

The news about the invalid is that MB has bones broken in her arm and her foot and went into the hospital yesterday.  They have sent her home with her arm bandaged and a giant boot on her foot. Her foot isn't giving her too much pain and she is able to hobble around. Her arm is more painful but she feels able to manage the pain.  MB sounded in good spirits when I spoke to her on the phone twice yesterday.  She has an appointment to go to the fracture clinic in two weeks to see how things are healing.  Otherwise, all is well - her daughter has got them some shopping in, and my dad had a long nap in the afternoon and was feeling more rested.  I think some quiet days are on the cards for them this weekend.

My interview seemed to go OK. The panel didn't give a lot away whilst I was doing the presentation but I did get some more positive feedback from the minister on the panel later on. They asked some interesting questions, which were quite challenging to answer - I shall have more empathy with the teachers and teaching assistant candidates I interview at school in future now!  The other candidate had come from some distance and is moving closer to the area this week, but won't actually live within the circuit.  Thank you for all your prayers and support - I shall tell you the outcome as soon as I know.

And today we are off to the coast for the weekend - and I am very very ready for a break!  I'll be back after the weekend - we do not think we will have internet access whilst we are away, so it is likely that we'll just read, relax and potter around in real life!  I hope you all have a good weekend, and I'll catch up on your blogs next week too xx


Angela said...

Enjoy your weekend! weather in Norfolk should be fine and sunny - Liz and Jon arrived there last night and said it was good. I am sure the interview went well- the outcome is all in His Hands [where else would you want it to be ?] xx

Morgan said...

Exactly, Ang - there were so many people praying over it that I am sure that the outcome will be the right one, whatever it is! Thank you xxx

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

Hope you have a lovely break - you truly deserve it. x

San said...

I cannot remember where I found you but I am glad that I did! I have enjoyed reading through some of your past posts and look forward to continue reading your updates.

Hope you had a lovely weekend away