Sunday, 19 July 2015

Super Saturday and Special Sunday

Yesterday was a cracking good day in many respects.  The table top sale went well and we had a relatively good turn out - and I sold some bits and pieces from the great stash!  The evening was lovely.  Finally, I am an accredited Local Preacher......five years in the making, but last night was the culmination of it all. There was a good turnout at the service, of people from our own chapel in the village and folk from about six other chapels in the circuit as well. It was lovely to see our wee chapel so filled with people, and we sang our hearts out. It was good.  My dad managed to come along for the service, although he didn't stay long afterwards, because he wanted to get home to MB.  UJ and my sister came along, as did the YFG, which I was pleased about.

Today, we have a christening at the chapel, and then we will be taking some friends and going this afternoon to a leaving service for one of the circuit ministers.  He is off to London [or just outside, I think] in his next appointment, so there is a special time this afternoon for sharing with him and his family, and I think that people from his last place are also coming - they had a fantastic choir which came when he arrived, too - so it is going to be a sad event, in that he will be leaving us, but also very joyous as I know that the music and prayers and singing will be filled with the Spirit. We've loved the chap at our chapel, but I know that he hasn't got on as well with every congregation, unfortunately.

I shall almost be glad to get back to work on Monday for a rest!  But then the EFG will be back from her Latitude adventures and we shall have tales to hear from there - the text messages are not telling half the story, but I am getting a picture of sunburn [she left her sunhat here], people getting drunk ["we carried a paralytic girl to the welfare tent"] and dodgy hygiene ["I've managed to have a shower at last"]........Her big brother seems to think that festivals are a good life experience but they have come on a lot in many respects since he and a few mates organised one with rock royalty in the dim and distant past!

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