Monday, 20 July 2015


One weary girl is home from Latitude festival.  She headed straight for the bath, and then filled the washing machine - twice...when she had hung out the washing, we had to nip to town to fill up the cupboard and fridge with some food that she likes!  She's home - brown as a berry from all the time she has spent outdoors, and I think we are going to be listening to her tales for a day or so to come.  Very good to have her back xx


Gill - That British Woman said...

it's always good to have them back home.

Angela said...

enjoy the sunshine togethr x

Bladesgirl said...

Thanks for your kind "mention" of me the other day. I'm really happy to be a "follower" of your blog now. Congratulations again on your new job which sounds really interesting.
I've got two sons so not well up on this "daughters" lark but remember well a muddy and tired boy coming back from Leeds Festival some years ago....xx