Saturday, 1 August 2015

Not helpful

Something came up in my Facebook news feed this morning which has become typical of the current social media mentality - "25 Ways to save a fiver with the Cash Queens" from the Mirror website.

Unfortunately, there are no great moneysaving ideas there at all - just a list of various things you can now purchase which are £5 cheaper than they used to be.....not helpful to folk with limited resources to get through the summer holidays!

Thank goodness for some really good bloggers who do give us ideas about serious money saving and thrifty ideas - look back at the Queens post of the other day, and check out my sidebar of blogs that I love!


veeknits19 said...

Yes, what a strange mentality to only think of "saving" when you are actually spending a small fortune, it always sounds like just more spending to me!
On a different note how I've enjoyed the first of Tessa Hainsworth's books, now I've reserved the next two from the library, so thankyou for the recommendation. Vee x

Meanqueen said...

I agree, rubbish article, rubbish paper. They can't tell us anything about money saving that we don't already know.

Sue in Suffolk said...

And I see they say you can then spend the £5 you've saved on a treat! DUH!