Thursday, 26 March 2015

Voucher day

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For those of us in England and Wales, today is Aldi voucher day again in the Mirror.

I've seen elsewhere that the voucher will be the usual £5 off a £40 spend, and valid until next Thursday.

Disappointed for the Scots again with no voucher in the Record. If anyone can shed any light on why the voucher has been stopped north of the border, I'd be interested to know.

With school breaking up here tomorrow, we will be getting a voucher and heading to Aldi early next week, I think.


Donna Perry said...

Hi Morgan

I just wanted to say thank you for my lovely prize on your recent giveaway.

It arrived on Monday and I have to say, the gifts are so well suited to me, its as if you know me!

The tea towel is gorgeous. The colours match my kitchen as we have a red wall. We are a sporting family so the design is right up my street. The preserves book is the only 1 of John Harrisons I haven't got (I do make my own preserves). The flower seeds will be planted on my allotment. The thank you notelets are lovely and the sort of thing I would choose. The wool and the embroidery purse kit will both be used.

Thank you again.


Gary said...

I blame Alex Salmond....

Morgan said...

Lol, Gary, I shouldn't think he's got time to worry about vouchers....

And Donna - so pleased the parcel arrived safely. I took a photo to show others what you had won, so now that I know you have received it, and like it, I'll share that sometime soon! The wool is one of my favourite shades. xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

should let my mam know about the voucher, as they don't get a newspaper during the week.

Dc said...

I couldn't use it unfortunately as we rarely spend £40 in a single shop anymore.

Frugal in Bucks said...

We don't have one nearby only Lidl.