Sunday, 29 March 2015


Pause In Lent
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Joining in again with Ang over at Tracing Rainbows for the last Pause in Lent

I've been thinking about connections today, because I have been on a course for gymnastics over 20 miles away, and met a woman from another gym club locally here.  We connected instantly over the places we come from and our common interest in gymnastics, as well as people that we both know. We exchanged mobile numbers and email addresses before we left, and I am sure we will be in touch again soon.

Connections are important - the Methodist Connexion is an example of that.  It would be wonderful if we could all share our connection in Christ, and hold that as more important that our myriad differences.  

I've been disappointed at the response reported in the media that some of our supermarkets refused to stock the Real Easter Egg which is the only one which actually mentions Jesus.  It is really hard to help some people to understand the connection between Easter and Jesus when all they see in the media and in the shops are twee chocolate offerings and multiple pastel eggs which have nothing to do with our redemption.  Apparently one supermarket buyer told the Real Easter Egg rep that Easter had nothing to do with the church.......the mind boggles!

I am going to try to think of some different ways to remind myself and others of the significance of Holy Week and Easter.  I hope you have a blessed and peaceful time this Easter.


Colleen said...

Dear friend, I would love to be able to sit down with you, to drink tea and share with each other all we both read in our respective faith journeys. It would be lovely. And, preferably, I'd be back visiting YOUR side of the pond, right? Hugs! I'll keep you in my prayers this Holy Week.

cheryl soergel said...

I must say that buyer certainty doesn't know the real meaning of Lent and the whole season. I guess there were bunnies and chocolates during Jesus's time. Cheryl

Gary said...

Connections are so important - we need to be able to support each other through life's journey.