Saturday, 7 March 2015


The sun has been shining beautifully across the Fens today and the weather has been just glorious.

Shame that the YFG daren't venture out the back door for fear of spiders, or she could have hung the washing outside this morning instead of in the spare room, but I am grateful that she hung it up for me whilst I was in the bath!  It would have been great to have had the first line-dried load of the season done today - but there will be other days....I think Spring is in the air at last!

The YFG has her mocks for her GCSEs next week, so she is in the sitting room at the table with her computer and lots of revision, and I have been preparing tomorrow's service in the office on my laptop.  We did eat together some hours ago so we are not quite strangers.

Are we still being Frugal and thrifty? You'd be forgiven for wondering, I have to say.  And the answer is - not as thrifty as I would like!  Life has got stupidly, crazily busy this month, and I am desperate to sort out some free time one way or another.....I haven't picked up a knitting needle this week at all - but I have found out that a friend has started to volunteer at Jimmy's Shelter in Cambridge, so she is going to ask if they could use some of the knitted hats that my dedicated band of ladies are still churning out at a good rate - we only need 25 each year for the OCC boxes, but I have got quite a stash and have probably got enough for several years - and they keep coming!

More on that another time, I hope. And yes, the thriftiness is going on, just more quietly and under the radar.  The electricity remains at about 10 units a day, which is still good for us; we are not spending madly at the shops, and the fire has only been lit for a couple of days this week, in the evenings, as we haven't really felt the need for much heat some days.

But the EFG is putting me to shame with her meal planning - she plans two weeks and orders what she needs to be delivered from Sainsbury's and then freezes it until the appointed day.  Somebody upset the plan a little this week by relieving her of two slices of bacon, which perturbed her rather, but I am so pleased with her organisation and planning!

Enough wittering for tonight - have a good weekend and I'll be back tomorrow, I hope, with time to have a mooch around your blogs too xxx


Gill - That British Woman said...

if that is a homeless shelter, one thing we give out over here with the hats are mitts and socks. Fingers crossed I will be able to knit a hat at some point in life...LOL

Morgan said...

Thanks, Gill. I would have to buy socks to donate as my knitting skills are not up to those awkward heel things at the moment - but I have been looking online at some patterns for mittens - just not sure about the thumbs......maybe my gift is in hats!