Thursday, 5 March 2015

Feeling weary

I've lost a bit of my oomph these last few days, I am afraid - the trip to Cambridge on Monday and all the rushing around wore me out, and the catching up I am still doing since then is tiring me out too!  I have still got to do some more hours on the phone to catch up with the hours I didn't do on Monday, and then there is the Women's World Day of Prayer meeting tomorrow - so I actually need to do one of tomorrow's hours, or at least half of one, today so that I can manage to get to that tomorrow.  This is turning out to be a hard week!

Anyway - thanks to Donna for getting in touch and now that I know where she lives, I am going to sort out a wee parcel over the weekend and try to get it in the post in the early part of next week. Don't hold your breath, Donna, as I need to get my mojo moving again...but it will come!

And spring is definitely in the air - we have had two sunny days here already this week, and I spent some time outside yesterday afternoon cleaning out the chooks in the sunshine.  I will have to sort out some compost and root through my seed box - I want to get planting something soon, and think I may have already missed the boat with the sweet pea seeds....never mind.  There's always next year!

Hope you are all well and keeping warm in the chillier climes xxx


SusanM said...

By the end of the winter (and it's been a very cold winter), I think everyone is feeling worn out and tired. We've all had a nasty chesty cold/flu type bug which has left us exhausted. We need some warm weather and sunshine. Take good care of yourself. And well done Donna! x

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Don't Panic!
That's the problem with going out, always something that needs catching up.
Hope you get sorted

Gill - That British Woman said...

I was thinking about going to church tomorrow for the event. I'll see how the day pans out before committing though.

Angela said...

Its lovely to think that so many of our blogfriends are hoping to be at WWDP events tomorrow!

rabbitquilter said...

I hope you feel less stressed soon and enjoy WWDP tomorrow. Take care of yourself! XX

Donna Perry said...


Just catching up with blogs as I have been poorly. Not to worry about posting anything to me. It sounds as if you have been very busy lately.

Donna xx