Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lions and lambs

If anyone thought March was going to go out like a lamb this year, they'll be disappointed here today. The wind has been roaring round the house all night like the lion instead!  Gusts from the northwest are blowing things around, the bushes and trees are back and forth like mad - there is one good thing in that the wind is blowing all the clouds past really quickly and so the sun is shining.

I have had a lie in this morning  as the YFG doesn't have a revision day at school today - she had one for ICT yesterday and has one for Geography tomorrow, so I took the opportunity to stay snuggled up till 8am.  We've got to stay in today as the EFG has ordered something to be delivered here, and apparently it will be coming today.....but we do want to get to Aldi sometime this week and were hoping to go there this afternoon.  Fingers crossed the delivery gets here this morning.

The EFG's vegetarianism is going to be an interesting development in our culinary adventures.  She has some recipes which she loves which we are going to try out when she comes home as they will be new to the YFG and I, and we are going to look for a balance between meat-based meals with alternatives for her, and all of us sharing vegetarian dishes.  I am hoping that the vegetarian days are not going to involve cheese and dairy too often, as that will mean I can't eat the meals.....what a challenge.  She will be home on Saturday, and she is very good at meal planning, so I expect we'll work out some plans for the rest of the time she will be here and then use up what we have in the cupboards a little as well as having to buy some new ingredients - we don't use a lot of beans at the moment, for example.  She wants to have a look at the Jack Monroe book that I have, as there are some lovely recipes in there for vegetarians too.

Nearly 10am so I had better go and get the phone warmed up for the morning's work!

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Gill - That British Woman said...

we need to incorporate more vegetables and vegetarian meals into our diet. I think that is something I may plan to do in April.