Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy Birthday

My stepson will be 50 tomorrow, but he has decided that HM Prison isn't quite the place for a knees-up....

Image result for growing in the fens cake

He's quite fond of cake, occasionally - Victoria sponge?  Not his favourite.

Image result for growing in the fens cake

A bit of spicy ginger cake?  Yep, that might be one he'd like.

Image result for growing in the fens cake

No, can't see him liking these!  Too dainty, but then...

I know what his favourite is:

Image result for lyons battenberg
(image from commons.wikimedia.org)

I think that we will be buying some of this when he is released later in the year, as I can't see me having time to make this - it looks quite complicated, and I am not sure I can get marzipan rolled out that thinly!

So for now, I have sent him an email, and wished him a peaceful day tomorrow, and his girlfriend will be visiting him as usual on Sunday - and she always buys him chocolate when she is there!

The weather has turned quite chilly here this week, and it was raining this morning for a change.  I'm still up to my neck in Faith and Worship - another exegesis sent to the tutor last night and just one left to do - on John 9.3.....bit tricky, I think.


Cheapchick said...

It is tough that your stepson has to be in jail but hopefully when he gets out his life choices will be better from here on out. Plus, I am sure he will be happy with whatever cake you give him :)

Morgan said...

Exactly, Cheapchick - I hope he is learning to make better choices too! Thanks for dropping in xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

Battenburg cake is a favourite of mine because of the marzipan.

SusanM said...

It's my birthday (almost 50) and our silver wedding anniversary this weekend but life is a bit busy just now so we'll postpone celebrations until Easter or even Summer, I think. Hope your stepson has a happy birthday. We have a member of our family who had problems and has made a lot of progress.

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I actually tried making battenburg once - too much faff!
Good luck with the Faith and Worship. I'm now going to look up that odd word beginning with e!