Friday, 20 March 2015


Apparently, Spring will have sprung today, but I am not so sure: there's a lot of mist and murk here this morning and not too much in the way of sunshine.  It may even rain here today, and the clouds are fairly heavy so I am not too hopeful of seeing much of this eclipse!

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However, it's always good to have a good start, so the first day of spring might be an opportunity to start afresh again!  It is apparently the International Day of a time when the news is still reporting people feeling miserable about their finances, and the isolation that many are experiencing, it can be a struggle to find happiness.

Well, you know me!  Trying hard to find positive thoughts each day, and feeling gratitude, are my keys to happiness.  There are always things I could do better, I know, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with stuff - but there are things to look forward to and I know that this season of busyness isn't going to last for ever, thank goodness!

Professor Brian Cox is on the tv this morning on the BBC's eclipse programme - and he seems to be permanently cheerful with his cheeky smile!

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My joy got a knock yesterday when the annual Council Tax bill arrived, but I did know that it would arrive at some time this month!  £127 a month this time, and that is with my single adult occupancy the two months of being able to make a little extra in savings are over.  I've had a good week spending-wise in that I have hardly left the house, and so I haven't spent anything in the shops.  I have bought two cinema tickets on line for the YFG and I go to see a film tomorrow afternoon as she was a bit disappointed that I didn't have much time to spend with her last weekend.  It is her choice of film, so I am not sure how much I am going to enjoy that bit, but given that I shall be out with her, I'm sure it will be a good time - she is very good company :)  My lack of shopping this week drove her to the cooker last night - there was no "food" [read "snacky stuff"] and so she made herself a carrot cake.

Anyway, I am going to watch the Eclipse on the tv now and then start work - doesn't seem to be any point trying to phone people this morning until it is over!  Enjoy the first day of spring, and let's all try to be a little bit happier today - it's all about making connections with others, they say......


Angela said...

I have Prof Cox on the PC screen in front of me while I fold origami flowers. Too overcast to see anything outside.
Please review the film for us [whatever it is!] Trying to be positive here too- a large unexpected bill, and a rejection from a job app didn't help my mood yesterday.
But like you. I have 2 great daughters who love me and time spent with them is truly precious. blessings xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

It could be worse, we still have snow on the ground here. I too had a strange day yesterday that made me feel down in the dumps also.

magsmcc said...

Our whole school spent the morning in the playground with sheets of paper, pieces of technology, a few special viewing glasses. But despite the fact that we were in the 95% belt, it was all very underwhelming. there was an eerie grep light for a while, and ipads caught some shadow of the moon. It didn't really start off Happiness Day with any great result!