Thursday, 12 March 2015

Good news!

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Grinning ear to ear this morning - not only did I finally find the dratted tax return at about 10.30pm last night, safely stored not a metre away from where it SHOULD have been, but the finances are looking good this morning - we have hit our first £1000 target in our challenge for the year!

It doesn't exactly mean that we have saved £1000, but it means that we have £1000 more in assets than we did at the start - because it includes things like my Nectar points (over £40), Shop&Scan points (£32) and YouGov points.  They will all translate into buying power, so I include them.  It also includes a debt to me from the EFG in that I lent her £90 towards her new glasses until her next grant comes in, so I know I will get that back.

With aiming to really raid the stores and spend less in the next few weeks, I am hoping that we will be able to maintain this level and move onwards and upwards.  If I could sell some of the beehives in the shed that the FH left, I am sure we would soon be at the next level.......

Thank you for all your kind comments about the tax return - I am still resisting doing it online and prefer the paper version.  I know I will have to go over to online eventually but I probably won't until I have to!

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Cheapchick said...

Well done! Anything ahead is an accomplishment these days!