Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuesday again?

These days are marching on, and we are one third of the way into March already [pardon the pun! just saw that - sorry!] and today, spring is definitely here in the Fens - whether it will stay or disappear again, I don't  know, but I have my fingers crossed!

The sun is shining gloriously at the moment, and I have just decided to knock off work half an hour early [I'll catch up tomorrow] and quickly have a word with you all, and then go and have a cuppa in the sunshine outside before I have to head off to gymnastics.

The verandah is bedecked with washing that I hung up early this morning, and it is all dry, as well as being beautifully warmed, so I am going to get that in before I go out, as otherwise it will be damp and cold when I get home tonight.  Not so appealing at all!

Image result for growing in the fens baking
The cupboards are well stocked!

Frugality wise - well, if I am going to keep the savings in the bank that I have already accrued since I started this challenge this year, I have to get to the end of the month on about £85.  It IS very do-able, but we just have to be disciplined and get ourselves sorted out in the right frame of mind again.  No silly splurges - we do have them - but I have enough books to read, wool to knit, and toiletries, diesel and laundry liquid/cleaning products are all in abundance.  We have got loads of food in the freezer, and I need to look at making a few more things for when we get the munchies and need a snack or two - the YFG likes to have stuff to take to school for her lunch, and items ready and waiting in the cupboard for her to snack on when she gets home from school and is ravenous - and those areas are our downfall.  It's not all her, either!  Time to sort them out......Frugal Queen has a lovely post with some homebaking on it this week, and I need to get inspired to bake again more often.

Image result for growing in the fens baking
The YFG does love chocolate brownie...an idea to get me going again?


Gill - That British Woman said...

I'm planning on baking tomorrow, fingers crossed.

SusanM said...

Your baked bean collection looks exactly like my cupboard. We love this brand and stock up on them when they're half price. I need to bake too. We've run out of chocolate muffins for the packed lunch boxes - disaster!!!

Morgan said...

Oh, yes, SusanM - I buy them in by the bucketload when they are half price - they are the BEST beans!

What are you baking, Gill? I'll head over to your blog in the morning and see if you are sharing any ideas! Love your blog and find life your side of the ocean really interesting xxx