Friday, 13 March 2015


Me.  In the corner. Wishing the world would stop so I can get off, just for a day or two.  

Found the tax return: student finance website is down and has been for two days solid.

Weekend is here: for some folk, that means a rest. Not for me. Gymnastics, helping Y8 friend with his maths, preparing service for Sunday, delivering service on Sunday, running an activity afternoon for Mothering Sunday......four baskets of ironing and a house that hasn't seen a cleaning cloth or a hoover this week....greenhouse is still full of last year's dead tomato plants [I know - awful] and I really want to start sowing seeds and chitting potatoes.

Day off: what are they?

Light at the end of the tunnel?  Things to be thankful for?

Yes please.

Negotiated a week off gymnastics ahead of the end of term.  Aim: to use time freed up to complete F&W.

Dry weather here this week has been great.  Sun has shone :)

No service to prepare or deliver next week.

Only two weeks to the end of term.

Next Sunday marks my 6th month period on the phones...

Booked two days off work after the Easter weekend so I do actually get six whole days with no gym, no work and no church preps, and F&W will have been sent in by then.  I found out today that my friend who is a probationer minister gets three days off each quarter for reflection [at the quarter days] and I was envious!

AND the circuit will decide whether to advertise the job at the end of the month, so there is hope there too.

This season feels like a treadmill at the moment, but I am reassured that I will have to get off it eventually!


Gill - That British Woman said...

you are going to make it......

A Happy Mother's Day to you on Sunday.

Lyssa Medana said...

Hugs! Don't forget to nurture yourself, you have so much happening! WS xxx

Ali said...

Hello Morgan. I sympathise ... l feel I havn't come up for air since my husband died last October with all the work created in the months that followed, a full time job and supporting my two lovelydaughters.

The builders arrived 2 weeks ago to do a relatively minor job which has become major. They found half the ceiling joists were missing, half hanging in the air, barely in the wall. The whole lot have to be replaced. The dust is horrendous.

Weekend of revision ahead for the girls yr 9 exams .. so not as important as your daughters exams. I have a pile of cakes ready! Looking on the bright side, I am so busy that I don't have time to spend money on anything except the builders and food. Having watched some of the comic relief stories last night, we are fortunate.

I may be gulping for air but I have just posted my first ever blog comment and I wanted it to be on your blog to thank you for giving me strength these past few months.

Angela said...

Keep pedalling - you will reach the Rest Stop soon. Hope that EFG & YFG have planned a great Mothering Sunday for you x

Trudie said...

I was a single Mom with teenagers and not through choice just like you - what you re experiencing now will be the norm for a few years more yet - its a pain and there were times when to make ends meet I had to do a full time job and 2 part time jobs at the same time - there were weeks when 2 evenings were my only spare time - but I found that work and being busy seems to help and the satisfaction that
I got from knowing that yes I was doing
ok and holding my own got me through
- you'll do it and get through just the
same - these busy periods will come
and go - sorry for such a long comment
- just know how youre feeling and
wanted to let you know youre doing well

veeknits19 said...

Hope the treadmill effect wears off soon, you have achieved such a lot. Hope you find pleasure in all the everyday little things and are able to have some well deserved relaxation soon. It will all come good! Sending big virtual hugs, Vee xx