Friday, 27 March 2015

A little parcel

Donna has confirmed safe receipt of her parcel from the giveaway, and since she doesn't blog, I took a photo so that you could see what I sent.

There's a Cath Kidston 2012 Olympics teatowel [so long ago!!] which I bought because it had gymnasts on it, but I never used it and thought it deserved to go to a more appreciative home!  I was glad to read that the colours match Donna's kitchen.

The preserving book is one that came in a set with several others, and hadn't been touched as I tend to use my mum's and granny's jam and pickle recipes.

The seeds are sweet peas - one of my absolute favourite flowers.

There is a wee crochet packet that came free with a magazine and I just knew that my crochet skills are not up to making that yet.  It looks cute though.

That yarn is from the Splash range of beautiful colours - this is my favourite colourway - and I just wanted to share it with someone. I have made two hats in that colour already as I can get two from a ball.  I have bought several other colours in the range and could probably happily knit from that range for years.  Hope you enjoy using that too, Donna!

And the thank you notes - well, I used to buy a lot of Phoenix products years ago and I loved these note cards.  I probably have enough to stock my own wee shop so it was time to share the love and send them out into the world to bless someone else's day.

All in all, a little representation of a few of my favourite things and pastimes.


Ali said...

Nothing nicer than getting a thank you card through the poSt - it's up there with finding fresh mushrooms in a dewy field!
Ali x

veeknits19 said...

What a lovely selection, thank you for sharing it, Vee x
PS Fingers crossed for the support workers job, I'm sorry I haven't been around to comment much recently, Vee x

Donna Perry said...

As the lucky recipient of is parcel, I can say it was a lovely prize.

I have had some health issues since the new year - a real run of bad luck. Winning this made me feel like my luck is changing (I bet that sounds strange, hope you know what I mean).

The tea towel makes me smile. Not only does it match my colour scheme, my daughters (both 11) are keen athletes and were/are obsessed with the olympics.

Thank you again and wishing you luck in getting this job you so want and deserve.