Monday, 16 March 2015

Finishing off

The last jigsaw puzzle that the FH started last June.

He had it almost three-quarters finished.  He did what most of us do - he did the interesting parts first: the tractor and the steam engine, the animals and the woman with the basket feeding her hens.

He left the snowy areas and the sunset sky to last.  UJ has spent the last few Wednesday afternoons finishing it.  You can see that there is just one piece missing above the cowshed, so I have marked it on the box this morning after I had photographed it so that I could put it away.  I'm grateful to UJ for finishing it, as it didn't seem right to break it up before it had been completed.

Time is moving on, and things are changing, but it is nice to keep remembering the good times and the things that he enjoyed.


Gill - That British Woman said...

maybe that missing piece is a sign from him? Lovely puzzle. You have such a positive attitude, you are an inspiration......

Lyssa Medana said...

I wish I could remember the quote, and where I heard it, but it goes something like, a man is not truly dead until the crops he has sown are all harvested and the wine he made is all drunk. I feel that sometimes it is good to keep hearing the echoes of the loved one. Hugs. WS xxx

Gary said...

I've done the same with the Doctor Who jigsaw I got for Christmas - I've done all the doctors, now I just need to finish off the rest!

A lovely tribute to FH.

Morgan said...

WS - Lovely thought and the FH will echo around us for years as the many items of furniture he made, including beds, the dining table and many bookshelves, are not likely to wear out any time soon! I have a bedside cabinet and a coffee table in daily use that he made when he was at school - over 60 years ago.

Thanks, Gill and Gary - and good luck with getting the Doctors finished off!