Thursday, 19 February 2015

What was that?

Well, I have just had the wind taken out of my sails this morning, and I am sat here wondering what just happened!  I do check my stats on this site most days, and it usually bimbles around 500 page views a day at the moment - thanks to all of you good folk who keep coming back!  But this morning, something very weird happened, and over 450 page views were recorded within about 20 minutes........

I have no idea where they all came from, or why, but they have made for a very interesting spike in my graphs!

The sun is shining here, and the wind is blowing gently. I have to do some phone work now and then I am going to town this afternoon: I have to interview a senior preacher as part of the last unit of the church course, and the chap who has agreed to do it with me today is a preacher of over 60 years' service, so I think it is going to be interesting.


Angela said...

These pageview spikes are very odd aren't they? I did wonder if it was to do with the title of the blog triggering something on Google searches, but I cannot work out why it happens occasionally either!
But if it bring sin a new follower or two, that's all to the good!

Can you come and interview me- I have been doing lay preaching for over 46 years! [no, leave it a while, the spare bedroom is very full of boxes at the minute]

Lyssa Medana said...

Hi, I had the same on the Light and Shade Challenge blog. They didn't seem to come from anywhere either.

If I find out, I'll share. WS xxx

Morgan said...

@WS - yes, it is strange!

@Ang - I think you have definitely made Dorset a potential holiday destination, and I'd love to come and interview you one of these days! I have to ask him about the "enduring convictions" of his faith...Feel free to add your thoughts! Hope the settling in is going well xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

sometimes it's the strangest things that start off the spikes. A lot of the time it is Spam.

Frugal Queen said...

Don't worry it happens, my blog hovers around 10,000 page views a day and then something I write can make it jump up as far as 14,000 page views. There's sometimes no reason, just what people are searching. xx