Saturday, 28 February 2015

February finalised

The YFG has gone to a party tonight and here I am watching a film on Netflix since I can't go to sleep until she gets home!  I took her and her friend and the other mum will be fetching them home in about an hour.  I have been helping at a quiz at the chapel - a great night of laughs and a good few pounds in the pot for the chapel funds too.

So how has your February gone?  I don't think ours has been too bad.

We did get some cash in the savings pot at the end of the month - it was that last few days that helped and we managed to wring a couple of hundred pounds out of the account for the savings!  It all helps in the long run.......

I got through the anniversaries that I had not been sure about - the FH's sixth month marker and my mum's death in 1998 on the 26th February.  Neither of them would want us to live in the past, and they would both be cheerleading for us to move on - and we are.

I've absolutely embraced the Kondo tidying and my bedroom is still clean and tidy - and everything that I have put in its place is still there, which is an achievement for me.

That's my stash area - wool in the cupboard on the right and in the boxes in the middle. There are also craft patterns and books in those boxes too.  The drawers on the left have got various items of clothing, and the bottom drawer has some presents ready for birthdays and even Christmas!  This area used to be where the FH's clothes hung as there is a rail in the section; my clothes hang next door in the adjoining section.  I keep all our socks in the wee chest of drawers that you can just glimpse on the right.

The FH made this bed and it has four drawers under each side, so I can keep toiletries and loo rolls stashed under there.   I love my IKEA quilt and it brings me a great deal of satisfaction each morning to make my bed and the room looks tidy.

But the best thing is really - the empty spaces!  Clear surfaces are very liberating, as well as much easier to keep clean because we don't have to keep working round things!


Cheapchick said...

I only managed to organize my spice cupboard this month but it hadn't been done in a couple of years since we moved in and now is nice and tidy. February was a tough month moneywise, not too many pennies left in the bank but March should be better. Well done on your anniversaries, in the end they live every day in your heart and they definitely would want you not to be too sad.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree with what Cheapchick said. They may not be with you in person, but they are with you in many other ways.

magsmcc said...

Clear space? I need to get that book!