Monday, 9 February 2015

Six weeks later

..and the jigsaw is complete!

I love the little cockerel watching everything from the fence.

UJ has finished it!  He had some help from the FH's cousin's wife on occasions, but he has mostly done it on Wednesday evenings when he has been here. I think it got a bit more attention when he was here looking after things whilst I was at the hospital with the YFG last month - but it is a lovely picture and he was so pleased to have got it done!


Gill - That British Woman said...

haven't done a puzzle in ages. Ideal thing to do on a cold Winter's Day. How long will you keep it on the table until you put it away?

Morgan said...

Just until the FH's cousin brings his wife over on Thursday to see it - thought it was only fair as she put some time in on it too! Lovely to see it finished x

Bridget said...

Pretty puzzle. I wish I had the patience to do them, they just frustrate me when I can't find where a piece goes! Funny how different things relax different people!