Friday, 27 February 2015

Thanks for the thoughts

You know you are all amazing, don't you!?!  Thanks for all the lovely comments, and thanks for the nosey I have just had around some new blogs that I have found since some of you came out of the woodwork and said "Hello" - great to meet you all!

Been a busy one today and I am just off to bed - back again tomorrow for a bit of a round up of the month.  Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

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SusanM said...

You remember I mentioned about the Aldi voucher not being in the Scottish paper this week? We shopped in Aldi last night and the shelves were cleared yet again. I had to ask the assistant to bring more stock out. The store is clearly getting busier and busier so perhaps they feel there is no longer a need to promote these £5 off vouchers. Good while it lasted. I think more people are watching their pennies when it comes to food shopping. I found a new blog this week too, called Happening upon Happiness and I'm really enjoying it. Just thought I'd share it with you. Have a lovely weekend x