Tuesday, 3 February 2015

In the kitchen this week

A day later than I was in the habit of doing this, but here at last.  I need to get back into this habit so that we know what we are planning to eat for the week!

Last night we had sausages with mash and veg, and I have a sneaky sausage left over that is destined to be enjoyed in a wheat/dairy/gluten free pitta bread for my lunch today.

Tonight - frozen salmon portions are going to be cooked somehow, and served with veggies.  There are some great recipes out there for salmon, so I am going to set the YFG a task to find one for which we have all the ingredients whilst I am at gym.  Perhaps something slightly spicy or gingery would be good on such a chilly day!

Wednesday - I think that a pasta or rice dish might be a good choice today - something simple and basic like pasta with some sauce and grated cheese for the YFG, or just a quick risotto.  We have lots and lots of frozen veg which I can pop into a risotto so this might be an opportunity to use up some of the frozen peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and beans which are in the depths of the freezer!

Thursday - the YFG may have her first piano lesson since Christmas, so a casserole in the oven before we go would be a good plan, and I am pretty sure that there is some diced beef in the freezer.  Popped in a casserole with some onions, mushrooms, carrots and gravy, we can look forward to that when we get home.

Friday - This is usually the night that the YFG gets a bit more of her own choice!  There are pizzas and scampi as well as some spicy chicken strips for her to choose from, as well as some "rustic" chips and peas which would all keep her happy.  I might have a baked potato and some beans.

Saturday - I have a plan for a roast chicken this weekend. If I cook it on Saturday, I can "do" things with the leftovers on Sunday and Monday.......sounds like a plan!


Gill - That British Woman said...

sounds good; need to do a meal plan for us as well.

rabbitquilter said...

All your menu's sound like a very good plan!! Have got Hungarian g
Goulash in the slow cooker and making Chicken soup on the hob, I don't know what has got into me!! Am making a couple of sponges for the freezer and No.2 son's lunch boxes as well!! Maybe my 'mojo' has reappeared - at long last!! Snowy here too, but melting fast! XX

Cheapchick said...

I have to figure out what is left in the freezers - haven't done any grocery shopping in a week but think I only need to buy some fresh fruit and veg, no meat this week. I generally don't meal plan beyond the morning of but want to clean out the freezer.